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Grammy nominated songwriters and music producers, The MIDI Mafia, have been the soundtrack to countless parties, clubs, car stereos and headphones. They have written and produced chart topping songs for the likes of 50 Cent, J. Lo, Fantasia and Justin Bieber to name a few. Not satisfied with just working behind the scenes, the dynamic duo of Canadian born, championship-winning DJ Dirty Swift and Brooklyn native rapper Bruce Waynne took their love of music and returned to their roots as artists with their debut EP titled Vegas Lights, spawning 3 music videos, which have generated millions of online views and MTV rotation. Now they are preparing for the release of their sophomore album Get Connected. 

Of the album Get Connected, Bruce Waynne states, “you’re going to hear a lot of energy, and we don’t care where it comes from; whether it’s a guitar, a synth, breaking into Dub Step basslines, whatever moves us is going into this album.” Dirty Swift adds, “we’ve always felt free of limitations or genres, and as long as were having fun we really don’t care about songwriting rules, structure or anything like that. But of course were known for big hooks and huge melodies and that won’t ever change!”
Since The MIDI Mafia was introduced to music lovers worldwide through the #1 Billboard smash “21 Questions” by 50 Cent, followed by Grammy nominated single “When I See U” by Fantasia and “Hold It Don’t Drop It” by Jennifer Lopez, the music producing duo has continued to push the envelope in modern, fresh sounds. With no regards for labels or categories, The MIDI Mafia has developed a new sound inspired by hip hop and applied it to the talents of Frank Ocean, Brandy, Bravo’s “Platinum Hit” winner Sonyae Elise and MTV’s reality music group The Electric Barbarellas.
The MIDI Mafia evolution continues as artists, producers, songwriters, television stars and content providers.

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